Dumpster Rental Terms

Hazardous Materials – The customer may incur extra fees for proper disposal of hazardous materials or chemicals placed in the dumpster. Hazardous materials fees start at $175 and may increase up to the full cost of proper disposal.

Examples of Unacceptable Materials Include, But Are Not Limited Too – paint, gasoline, kerosene, household cleaners/chemicals, pressurized gas tanks, medical waste, fluorescent tubes, asbestos, oil filters, Antifreeze, Herbicides & pesticides, lead paint chips, Radioactive material, motor oil, transmission, and lubricating/hydraulic oil products.

Heavy Loads – If loading dirt, concrete, gravel, tree stumps, or any heavy material, you must speak with our team. If Items are loaded without authorization, contents will have to be unloaded by the customer as per the Heavy Load requirement before the dumpster can be hauled. If the weight of a dumpster haul exceeds the weight allowance on the original quote, the customer will be charged for a weight limit overage. The customer is liable for any damage to the container during the leased period.

Sundays & Holidays – No pickup or delivery service is provided on Sundays or national holidays.

Liability – The customer is liable for any damage to the container during the leased period.

Protecting Customer Property – While Maryland Pickers takes every precaution to avoid any damage to the customer’s property, we highly recommend that the customer protect any surface on which the dumpster will be placed. By leasing a Maryland Pickers dumpster, the customer affirms that the area provided for the container is sufficient to bear the weight of all equipment and vehicles required to perform the contracted service. The customer assumes all liabilities for damages to private surfaces, pavements, or road surfaces, and the entire container placement site. Maryland Pickers shall not bear responsibility for any damages to a private driving surface, pavement, or accompanying sub-surface of any route used to perform the service that was contracted.

By signing for or paying for our services, the customer hereby agrees to the terms and conditions of this contract and the terms and conditions of our services.

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